The Weltraumagentur Code

We want to make the world wiser.

We do not offer "Paid Editing", we offer "Paid consulting"

We do not edit Wikipedia, and we do not perform any actions within Wikipedia (e.g., reviewing pending changes, accepting articles in the AfC process, patrolling new pages), on behalf of our customers.

This consciously chosen independence has long been part of our business model. We advise each of our customers to operate their own accounts with self-efficiency and to follow Wikipedia's Terms of Use. Each client maintains their own account, to which we deliberately do not have access. In addition to that, we have reached an agreement with Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (WMF) under trademark law. As part of this agreement, we declare that we abide by the Wikimedia Foundation Terms of Use.

We are paid mentors and advisors, not executive users.

We train new writers who know how Wikipedia works.

We want to make the world wiser and contribute to the world's accumulated knowledge. As we bring all our customers into self-efficacy, we make sure that - mostly when a person wants to write about themselves – they understand the rules and conventions of Wikipedia and are able to contribute beyond their personal articles.
In this way, the community gains new writers who are familiar with Wikipedia's rules and contribute to the encyclopedia's knowledge.

We know the rules and pass them on

In the beginning, we didn't even know that there were terms of use and what the consequences were if you violate them. That was very unfortunate and in hindsight regrettable, but it ended up being extremely educational.

Therefore, we show each of our customers how to get the best possible article according to the neutral point of view, without violating the terms of use or other guidelines given by the community.

“Ein Experte ist jemand, der in einem begrenzten Bereich schon alle möglichen Fehler gemacht hat.”

Niels Henrik David Bohr (1885 - 1962)

We help make images in the public domain available to all of the world

Many of our clients, whether organizations or public figures, make image material available in the public domain in the Wikimedia collection, ensuring that the world's knowledge can be appropriately imaged for eternity - even outside the Wikipedia universe!

Our customers' images have already been featured in reports and newspaper articles - and that's exactly what we're proud of!

We are not interested in Ropemates - We are and we will remain independant

While other providers may register accounts or position themselves as a covert paid editing network (with "direct connection" to the Wikimedia support team or with "very good admin friendships"), we deliberately have no interest in being a part of this world, which is often riddled with misunderstandings and grossly false accusations - we stay away from it!

Furthermore, we stay away from political discourses, baseless accusations, edit wars or any limiting approach and are deliberately not active on Wikipedia anymore.

Our writers simply deliver excellent source texts according to the Wikipedia guidelines, our consulting meets premium standards. Our selected customers are extremely grateful and satisfied with our performance and successfully participate in Wikipedia.

Everything else is noise.

We pass on our knowledge

Thanks to our experienced Wikipedia consultants, we show our clients how Wikipedia works and share our knowledge. Thanks to our guides as well as one-to-one consulting throughout, our customers always have clarity on what works and what doesn’t.

Our customers not only get an encyclopedically perfect article, but also an understanding of what Wikipedia is and how they can contribute to knowledge according to all standards.

We select out customers

In order to become a client with Weltraumagentur, a topic must not only meet the notability criteria (or the respective criteria of a language area), but also have the "openness and willingness" for the subject matter of Wikipedia.

This is the only way to achieve a win-win-win situation - for the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, our clients and us as an agency. This, by the way, is where most of the common service providers fail, who take on any topic and upload it in Wikipedia, which leads to the justified anger of many community members. We reject more than 90% of all requests and make it clear to all interested parties and clients what Wikipedia is not.

Link spam? Website boosting? Euphemism? Manipulation? Any SEO shenanigans? No interest!


To become a Weltraumagentur writer, you must have created at least 30 Wikipedia articles or have created at least one article that was awarded by vote on Wikipedia. Additionally, we train new authors to meet our standards. Our goal is to provide the best possible source articles for our customers. That is excellence.

Weltraum PR- & Kommunikationsagentur GmbH is also ISO 9001:2015 TÜV certified since 30.03.2022.


We make sure that our clients continue to be self-efficient on Wikipedia even after the collaboration is over.

In addition, we value and respect every other writer who contributes to the development of the project, and we are happy about every new project participant.


We do not accept requests from political parties or members of parliament.

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